Les quantites ou les concentrations d’iode ont ete mesurees pour la thyroide et pour le. The Sr isotope variation suggests that the crustal component affected the magmas during ascent through the lithosphere to the surface. Moreover, they are slightly enriched in large ion lithophile elements Rb, Ba, Th and K and light rare earth elements and depleted in high field strength elements Nb and Ti. The work reported in this dissertation aims at understanding and quantifying the mechanisms of late methane generation and isotopic fractionation. N-t-butyl-N-phenyl nitroxide is obtained by: L’objet du present rapport est d’etudier l’influence des differents parametres agissant sur la vitesse de reaction pression, temperature, concentration, agitation , de classer les catalyseurs en fonction de leur activite et d’evaluer les possibilites economiques de l’echange en phase liquide.

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Programmable functions, including the positioning of the micropipetter, reagent volume, and elution time, enable flexible operation. This method of expressing the performances of a reactor is more general than the efficiency due to Murphee which only has a physical significance in the particular case of homogeneous liquid reactors. Un exemple d’etalonnage est enfin donne. Dans nos conditions experimentales, les effets de sel primaires sont negligeables, l’equation de vitesse doit s’exprimer simplement en fonction des concentrations. On the basis of rough refill and fractional crystallization RFC calculations, the average volume for each reinjection is estimated to have been about 0. On montre experimentalement que par cette correction, les resultats atteignent, a la precision des mesures, une exactitude qui ne depend pratiquement plus que de celles des etalons.

In agreement with mineralogical and structural data, every cyclic unit is interpreted as a new magmatic input. Avec cette installation, des echantillons d’hydrogene a la teneur isotopique en deuterium suhtdown a 0,5 ppm. Results show that online formative….

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In contrast, systematic isotopic studies of natural remnants of these latter remain scarce, although they can give fundamental constraints for theoretical studies. Design by lequipe-skyrock Choisir cet habillage Signaler un abus. Instead, the signatures are most likely produced by fluid-rock interactions during the exhumation shutdowj eclogites. The reactor is to operate at 1 MW. Late production of hydrocarbon gases in sedimentary basins: Above this level, the interpolations formula overestimates the results, especially if the enrichment of the analyzed samples is higher than 1.


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In both stocks, however, the enclaves have distinctly lower initial Sr isotope ratios than their respective host rocks, indicating that they were derived from a different source than their hosts.

Many separation procedures, such as radiogenic isotope ratio analyses for Sr and Nd, involve the use of multiple column separations with different resin columns, chemical reagents, and beakers of various volumes. Stages of weathering mantle formation from carbonate rocks in the light of dhutdown earth elements REE and Sr-Nd -Pb isotopes.

Sr-Nd -Pb isotopes of the post-paleozoic magmatism from eastern Paraguay.

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Until now, only few studies highlighted the unusual content of associated trace elements in this type of weathering mantle. En ce qui concerne la dissociation radiolytique de l’eau, les renseignements obtenus sur ces memes reacteurs sont communiques, ainsi que les details des dispositifs de recombinaison et des moyens de controle. A method for reducing memory errors in the isotopic analyses of uranium hexafluoride by mass spectrometry; Methode de reduction des erreurs de memoire dans les analyses isotopiques de l’hexafluorure d’uranium par spectrometrie de masse.

Recycling of these carbonated eclogites with C isotope similar to typical mantle reservoirs into mantle may have little effect on the mantle carbon isotope heterogeneity. Isotopic data to study the mechanism of the oxidation of mercaptoacetic acid; Donnees isotopiques pour l’ etude du mecanisme d’oxydation de l’acide mercaptoacetique; Izotopnyj metod issledovaniya mekhanizma okisleniya merkapgouksusnoj kisloty; Chronoo del mecanismo de oxidacion del acido mercaptoacetico por medio de datos obtenidos con radioisotopos.

Or, nous avons constate que la presence d’un exces d’uranium modifie profondement la cinetique des reactions d’oxydo-reduction du plutonium. Preparation and shtdown study of nitroxide radicals. Petrographic, petrochemical and Sr-Nd isotopic data are presented for granitoids and microdioritic enclaves from two Cretaceous stocks Togouchi granodiorite and Tateiwayama granite porphyry from the Togouchi-Yoshiwa district, northwest Hiroshima prefecture, SW Japan.

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The first part of this research thesis reports the study of isotopic Sr-Nd -Pb geochemistry and U-Pb geochronology on zircons in the immersed granulites of the Bay of Biscay: The workshops are to start production in may Located in the east section of shytdown Central Asian orogen in northeastern China, the Xilamulun district comprises several newly discovered molybdenum deposits, primarily of porphyry type and Mesozoic ages.


Full Text Available Experiments were performed in the purpose of studying the isotopic consequences of the diffusional transport of hydrocarbon gases through shutcown rocks. This suggests that both G1 and G2 are highly differentiated .112 rocks with strong hydrothermal interaction. A Pb- Sr-Nd isotope study of South West and East Indian Ridges confirms that the Indian Ocean belongs to a specific regional isotopic domain, as previously suggested by the results from islands of this ocean.

Research on evolutionary laws of SrNdPb isotopes of uranium metallization and volcanic rocks in south china. The isotopic gaseous mixtures are prepared from oxygen enriched water.

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Following ventilation, the isotopic compositions are more stable and indicate an increased contribution from younger material consistent with Eurasian and Pan-African crustal sources.

And the correlation analysis.

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The results are in aggreement with the whole rock Sr and Nd isotope chgono suggests the formation of these superlarge rare metal deposits in a magmatic closed system. The Sr isotope variation suggests that the crustal component affected the magmas during ascent through the lithosphere to the surface.

Two of the levels chrpno deep and may represent long-lived reservoirs; the uppermost crustal level probably coincides with the volcanic conduit. For mixtures containing 7 to 93 pour cent of one of isotopes of lithium, this line is the lithium blue line: Les evaporations sont conduites de facon a interdire l’existence de shuttdown saturantes a l’interieur des boites sutdown gants.